TaKe a bReak

This is about last saturday. There is an event at Plaza Araya. I've got a chance to documenting the event and I like to shared with you..so keep in my blog and let's begin...

before an event start, the first thing that I catched...

then experience dancer began an event..

their dance really like butterfly, very impressed and energic..

after their dance, some dance also performed and finnaly UMC dancer showed their skill...

congratulation to our dancer "GROOV1ST" that become one of the winner in this event..
Situation becomes hotter when the younger dancer showed their brilliant talent like this photo..

finally the 1st winner in this event, I like this one..hehehe...

There are the report of the event..!!!

4 komentar:

  1. aku bingung, knapa judulnya "take a break" ?????
    huhuhuhuhu...n anak kecilnya lucuuuuuu....hehehehe...polos banget, gedenya pasti cakep tuh anak, hahahahhaa

  2. Luar Biasa ...

    You're improving bro... now, you have a photo blogging. See, you got the moment on your picture. Keep on practicing bro... Someday, I believe if you keep like this, you will be a good photographer.

    FIGHTTO !!!

  3. upss...

    Your English is also improving. :D

  4. fotonya keren...
    kpn hunting??!